Alethia pte. Ltd located in Singapore, provides project finance through direct loans and loan guarantees – provides medium and long-term financing for large and small-scale projects involving investors in emerging markets.

ALETHIA lends to newly created project companies and looks to the project’s future cash flows or equity participation as the company’s source of repayment instead of relying directly on foreign governments, financial institutions or established corporations for repayment of the debt.

We believe investing in global emerging and frontier markets for regional economic growth, stability and sustainable job creation through agricultural producers. ALETHIA connects these these agricultural producers with commodities export for global demand.

ALETHIA undertakings and areas of investment:

  • Hospitals and Health Care
  • Agriculture, Farming, Aquaculture
  • Phosphate Mining & Agro Produce
  • Housing Development
  • Supply of Liquid Petroleum Gas,
  • Clean Renewable Energy
  • Agriculture Financing  for re‐purchase of Crops
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Finance & Commercial Banking
  • Micro-Finance activities related to Agriculture & Aquaculture
  • Commercial Real Estate Development
  • Family Entertainment

Our international banking facilities gives us a unique position to discount and apply leverage for asset management and project finance. We are able to bring early stage funding and accelerate growth in start ups and scale seasoned business ventures through our asset management division.